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Our vision is to be the world’s most sustainable sales channel for paint brands.

We imagine a world where people can effortlessly decorate their homes and businesses without harming our planet.

To enable the simplest shopping experience for your customers.

The first pillar of our mission is to make your customers' decorating experience so convenient, so personalized, and so fun, that they can’t stop decorating and telling their friends or customers about it.


To deliver hypergrowth for our brand partners, sustainably.

The second pillar of our mission is to exponentially grow your business across multiple fronts: your sales,  profit, ecosystem, customers, content and customer understanding.


To help the coatings industry become more sustainable.

By bringing together Mobile Commerce, Artificial Intelligence, real time customer insights and data, we believe we can help to make the value chain more sustainable - from eco-friendly products and packaging, to sustainable supply chain and recycling programmes.


The three pillars of our Mission.

A story ten years in the making.

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A year later, the company became Akzo’s innovation partner and released its next-generation platform featuring improved visualization, business intelligence and e-commerce capabilities. Across 68 of Akzo’s markets, the app achieved 25 Million downloads and a 60% increase in paint tester e-commerce sales.

Anticipating the consumer shift to mobile shopping, we have spent many years researching, building and training our proprietary Generative AI platform to solve the specific challenges of digitally retailing paint and wallpaper products.

Decofy is the result of that effort.

In 2008, Al Maxwell founded String, one of the first AR companies to pioneer a commercially available Mobile Augmented Reality solution. In 2011, String released its proprietary AR technology for mobile - six years before Apple and Google.

Leading brands including Nike, Disney, Audi, Paramount, Fisher-Price, Fujitsu, Ford, Barclays, Sony, McDonalds, Accenture and VW partnered with String to develop their very first AR apps, products and services using String's AR technology.

In 2012, String was approached by Akzo Nobel to research and develop a computer vision solution for paint visualisation on mobile devices. In 2014, the Dulux Visualizer was launched, the world’s first AR paint visualiser app, powered by String's technology.

The Bradfield Centre

Who we are.

Decofy® is the world’s first mobile retail channel for paint and wallpaper brands, powered by Generative AI. We are a pioneering and award-winning Deep Tech and mobile commerce company, exclusively serving the consumer coatings industry.

Our headquarters are located at the Cambridge Science Park, home to some of the UK’s most innovative and research intensive companies.

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