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The first Generative AI platform for retailing paint & wallpaper.

We built Mother AI to solve the specific challenges of marketing and selling paint digitally. Our proprietary AI models and Deep Learning algorithms automatically learn from your customers' behavior, helping to personalize their experience, visualize your products, calculate quantities, and provide the support they need, when they need it.

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From color schemes, patterns and products, there is an overwhelming amount of choice available to your customers, which can create friction to purchase. Mother AI learns their tastes and buying intent, then delivers personalized recommendations tailored to each individual, increasing sales conversions and customer lifetime value.

Personalized Recommendations.

Mother AI Personalized Recommendations

Mother AI is an expert in your brand’s paint products, colors, styles, marketing content and everything happening within your brand ecosystem.

Leveraging the power of LLM's (Large Language Models), Mother AI can provide immediate, personalized support to your customers whenever they need it. For example, recommending colors and providing DIY to advice, finding authorized professionals, and even placing orders on their behalf.

AI Customer Service.

24/7 personalised support

AI Assistant Decofy Shopping App
AI Assistant Decofy Shopping App

A 360-degree view

Our AI leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to gain a 360-degree view of your customers and their unique journeys. It automatically segments them into tailored cohorts based on their behaviours and needs. Hyper-personalised marketing campaigns for each cohort drive business outcomes with impact:

  • Increase customer lifetime value: Identify your most loyal customers and engage them with personalised messaging to foster long-term relationships.

  • Boost reactivations and retention: AI detects customers at risk of churn and re-engages them with tailored content campaigns. Timely updates and communications make them feel valued.

  • Drive higher sales conversions: An optimal send time algorithm engages customers when they are most receptive.

Industry first marketing capabilities

Decofy can reliably deliver billions of push notifications to your white-labelled app in real-time, giving you the power to send messages to your customers that create value — and get results.

We give marketers the tools to build hyper-personalized messages — and create highly contextual experiences that build trust and loyalty — whether your customer is using your app for the first time, looking to make a repeat purchase, or needs a nudge to remind them you’re there to help.

The Decofy platform powers your marketing efforts with data-driven intelligence and real-time customer insights to create messaging experiences your customers will love.

Find out more about Mother AI.

To learn about how Adaptive AI can transform your business, get in touch today.

AI Model Visual Representation

AI Powered Marketing Campaigns

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Visualize anytime, anywhere

Once your customers record a Smart Video, they are free to shop for your products without having to be physically in their space - unlike AR.

Most color accurate rendering

Mother AI learns how to render your colors and products as realistically as possible across multiple lighting environments.

Visualize on any surface

Mother AI can visualize your products on to any surface, even if they are unfinished, textured, or already wallpapered - at 30 frames per second.

Deeply integrated

Smart Video is deeply embedded everywhere within the customer app experience, such as inspirational photos, Magic Swatches, articles, even inside comments.


Your customers can share and interact with Smart Videos to help conversations and consultations. 

Continuously learning and improving

The more Smart Videos your customers create, the smarter Mother AI becomes, and the more it improves. 

Introducing Smart Video.

The key challenges to solving visualization are firstly, identifying surfaces such as walls, ceilings, floors and woodwork. Secondly, understanding how to digitally render color, shadows and lighting realistically. 

To achieve all of this requires some form of intelligence.

A human intelligence is too slow and will never scale. Artificial Intelligence can achieve this at greater speed, accuracy and scale than any human service. So from a logical standpoint, there will never be a better solution than AI for visualization.

Mother AI + Smart Video finally solves the challenge of visualization for decorating products.

A game-changing AI visualization platform for the coatings industry.

Saving your customers time while saving the planet.

When your customers capture a Smart Video, Mother AI automatically measures their space and calculates how much they need to purchase, taking the guesswork out for them. As a result, they can purchase the right amount, reducing waste and helping the environment.

Automatic Paint Calculation.

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Learn about sustainability   

Current industry AR visualizer

Decofy Smart Video

Current industry AR visualizer

Decofy Smart Video

Future-proofed roadmap.

We have an exciting R&D and innovation roadmap for visualization. By design, Mother AI is robust, scalable and highly extensible.


Today, it can visualize your products on any interior wall surface. In the very near future, we will be releasing support for floors, interior ceilings, doors, wood trim and exteriors to Decofy.

Mother AI
Mother AI
Mother AI

Compare side-by-side.

Smart Video can be placed side-by-side, enabling two different visualizations simultaneously. This assists your customers with before and after comparisons; or helps them to choose between a short-list of decorations prior to purchasing.

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