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A 3-in-1 mobile retail channel that revolutionizes how paint brands can grow their sales.

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Frictionless journey to purchase

Our white-label AI shopping app has all the features your customers need to help them seamlessly navigate their journey to purchase your products. No more jumping between unconnected apps, tools, widgets and website plugins.

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Smart Video

The AI visualization medium we have invented for the coatings and DIY industry. Your customers record a Smart Video of their space, then shop for your products any time, any place, without needing to be physically present.

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An intelligent sales & marketing channel

Powered by Mother, our Generative AI platform, the more customers you acquire, the more it learns and improves.

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When your customers record a Smart Video, our AI automatically measures and costs up their space so they can order just the right amount, preventing waste.

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Decofy is a mobile shopping channel powered by Generative AI.


Inspirational photos

Share inspirational ideas that other customers can instantly see in their own spaces, using Smart Video.

Articles & posts

Write and share rich, interactive articles with their followers. Great for marketing teams, influencers and designers.


Record TikTok-style videos to share with the community.

Smart Videos

Smart Videos can be shared to the community to ask for opinions, or help.


Save colors and ideas into collections and share them with the community - like music playlists for decorating. The most popular collections can also trend.

Comments, Likes & Saves

Your community can have conversations with each other on any piece of content or product on your app.

We provide a ready-made platform for you to build and grow a thriving community around your brand, with content and social features designed specifically for the world of decorating.

The more users you acquire and the more content they create, the more valuable your brand community becomes to both you and your customers. 

different people portraits
different people portraits

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The world of decorating now lives online. People connect, talk, create and share on a variety of digital platforms.

Today’s fastest-growing brands build loyalty and growth by investing into the online communities around their products. User-Generated Content (UGC) such as photos, videos, reviews and Q&As is the key driver for successful brand communities.

Decofy is a brand community platform.


Our integrated marketplace platform enables your professional ecosystem of decorators and designers to market and sell their services around your brand, and for your DIFM (do-it-for-me) customers to easily find an authorized professional, without leaving your app. And the more your marketplace scales, the more valuable it becomes.

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Decofy is a professional marketplace platform.


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